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Who's New (December 2016)

The back end of this year has seen unprecedented growth for us as a business and there is no sign of it easing in the near future, since Glee we have secured a further 2 major groups along with many more independent garden centres, and therefore we need to ensure that we are covering every customer properly and efficiently. To help with this task we have appointed a new Southern Sales & Key Accounts Manager, our new team member will be joining us with over 30 years of experience in garden centre retail and with a wealth of product knowledge. The aim will be to have greater in season contact and to ensure our service and offer is the best it can be and our customer focus stronger than ever. We look forward to welcoming our new team member straight after our Christmas break. This is yet another major part in our future investment plans and we are excited to get 2017 underway. Find out who's new soon. 


  Who's New


100+ New Products launched by Garland/Worth Gardening at Glee                       (September 2016)

This year's Glee exhibition held at the NEC in Birmingham saw Garland/Worth Gardening launch a further 100+ new products. One of the largest new product launches since the inception of the Worth Gardening brand in 2012, the continuous investment in infrastructure and products has kept Garland at the forefront and has helped the company grow beyond all expectations. The 2017 season will be no different says the company's Managing Director, Miles Glendenning. We continue to design and develop innovative new home and garden products but we still have many new products in the pipeline. 2017 will also see us invest more money than ever before in new machinery at our UK factory in Kingswinford, West Midlands, where a further 2 state of the art injection moulding machines will be installed during the first quarter and more new machines are planned for later in the year. Commenting on the show, Sales Director, Mark Dedman, said that we have seen a huge surge in interest during the last half of the season, trading was tough through spring with the poor weather, but the back part of the season has seen a massive turnaround, We have made some significant gains for the 2017 season already and we are gaining more and more new customers every week. Our service and commitment to the customer is second to none and when the seasons are getting more unpredictable, our customers expect us to be able to deliver quickly and in full to ensure that they can get the most out of every year. We are entering what I feel will be one of our most exciting times with the business and I am sure next year will see us achieve some fantastic growth and I personally cannot wait to get stuck in.

Glee 2016
Glee 2016
  Glee 2016Glee 2016


Fresh New Look Lifts Export Interest (September 2016)

We have once again launched a vast array of new products to the trade. The first major launch taking place at the Gafa trade fair in Germany. We have taken this year to update much of the product range, with new smaller packs on our furniture cover ranges as well as a introducing a new colour on our Premium Cover range. We have also updated our entry level covers with a new fabric, one so tough, that it is virtually untearable, 100% water proof and comes with a market leading 5 year guarantee. We have also taken a fresh new approach to promotional merchandising, with a new colour for our promotion bins and the introduction of Shelf Trays and Barker Cards across much of the range. Couple all this with the weaker pound following the Brexit Vote (Yawn! I think we have all heard enough about that) and the exchange rate means we have become a very attractive company to Export customers.

Garland at Gafa 2016   Garland at Gafa 2016


Garland/Worth Gardening will launch of over 100 new products at Glee (August 2016)

Garland/Worth Gardening is demonstrating a positive approach to the 2017 gardening season with the launch of over 100 new products at Glee 2016 (Hall 18, Stand H10-K11). The company’s latest innovations include several entirely new ranges of garden care items.
Commenting on the launch, operations director Tony Dedman said: “Despite the existing challenging market conditions we are determined to support our numerous customers both at home and abroad. 
"In the past two years we have experienced a growth in sales of over 50 per cent, which has enabled us to offer a continuing high level of customer service including rapid delivery of orders. 
"Also, by further extending our product portfolio for the 2017 season, we are confident that we are providing our customers with considerable opportunity to broaden their offerings to the end user.”
New products to be launched at Glee 2016 show include:
•A  range of water butts and composters that comprises twelve different water butts, stands and sundries, plus two composters of 220 Litre and 330 Litre capacity.  Within the range there is also a value 10 Litre blow moulded watering can along with nine premium 5 Litre and 10 Litre injection moulded watering cans.
•A new range of fleece and fabric that includes three sizes of fleece tubes and a 1 m x 16 m roll of fleece, a 1 m x 20 m roll of landscape fabric plus a 1 m x 16 m weed stop.  All of the products are presented in new heavy duty dump bins.
•Also new is a range of tarpaulins measuring 3 m x 2 m, 4 m x 3 m, 5 m x 4 m and 8 m x 5 m, all of which are packed in handle bags.  The range also includes four related sundries, comprising a pack of ball bungees, hook bungees, wind secure clips plus a coil of 30 m x 6 mm polypropylene rope.
Extended ranges comprise:
•The Christmas Range for the 2016 season has been expanded to include a round 4 to 5 inch stackable plastic Christmas tree stand in green and red that will be promoted at a competitive price of £9.99.
•The Barbecue / Garden Furniture Covers Range has been repackaged for 2017 with a brand new fabric in the company’s entry-level range.  The full range of PVC backed polyester covers are available in green or black, and are presented in smaller packs that take up less space at retail-level.
•The Premium Propagation Range has two new top-end professional electric propagators that have   heat thermostats.
•The Patio Gardening Range has had two new storage bags added, one for onions and one for potatoes.
•The Garden Tray Range now includes a new 60 cm² deep garden tray.
•The Self-watering Range has now been extended to include 2 m x 60 cm capillary matting.
•The Mower Range now includes two sizes of fuel funnels.
•All of the new heavy duty promotion bins are in a new colour that will boost promotion in store.
In order to provide further information and support on the company’s complete range of products, the Garland/Worth Gardening’s full sales and marketing team will be on the Glee stand together with the company’s sales agents that represent the whole of the UK and Ireland.
Potato/Vegetable Storage Bag
Water Butts Range
  10Ltr Premium Watering CanNew Fleece & Fabrics Range


Joe Lydon capitalises on 2016 product launches and scoops Garland/Worth Gardening ‘sales agent of the year’ award (August 2016)

Taking advantage of many new product innovations, Joe Lydon has achieved a 22 per cent increase in sales for his area and has been voted the Garland/Worth Gardening ‘Sales Agent of the Year’.  Joe is responsible for sales in Scotland.  The award was presented to Joe at the company’s Annual Sales Conference held in the Midlands on 18th and 19st of August 2016.
Second place was awarded to the Stevensons Agency that covers both southern and Northern Ireland, and third place to last year’s winner Tony Robson who is responsible for sales in the north west of England.
Commenting on the awards, operations director Tony Dedman said: “At Glee last year we launched over 80 new products, and Joe Lydon and other members of our 12-strong sales agent team have capitalised on the company’s continuing product innovation.  All members of the team, covering the whole of the UK and Ireland, will be supporting our other sales and management staff on our exhibition stand (18H10-K11) at Glee 2016. 
We look forward to welcoming existing and potential customers, and presenting over 100 new products that will be on show alongside our other tried and tested garden and hardware items.  There will be completely new product ranges, additions to existing ranges and various in-store promotional material.”
  Joe Lydon


Garland once again win Garden News Best Buys (September 2015)

Garland has once again won the Garden News Best Buy award, this time for our Heavy Duty Lawn Spike Aerator and also for our Super Tough Lawn Spike Shoes. The Spike Aerator simply pushes along and the offset spikes will cut slots into the lawn surface for maximum aeration. It's made from plastic coated heavy duty steel and is perfect for breaking up compact soil just below the turf surface. The Lawn Spike Shoes are the simple way to aerate your lawns, simply strap them on to your feet wearing either your wellington boots or shoes and walk slowly up and down your lawn, making sure the spikes go right into the lawn for maximum aeration, these are made from super tough nylon and are comfortable to use as the unique sandal strap design stops the straps from digging in and help the shoes stay firmly on your feet. Click here to find out more about our range of lawn care products.

Heavy Duty Lawn Spike Aerator   Super Tough Lawn Spike Shoes


Glee for Garland at this years show (September 2015)

This year was our biggest ever success at the Glee show. Our 80+ new products have gained us a significant interest and commitment for the 2016 season, our new ranges, new lines and new promotional material has helped to strengthen our range in several areas, which seem to be hitting the market at just the right time. As other suppliers have struggled with supply and stock availability, we have been expanding and putting more stock on the shelf, this has seen us acheive our highest ever delivery record of 98.9% and there is more to come. We grew by 50% last year and we are on track to hit a 20% growth this year, plus with more promotion options launched at the show, we truly have a promotion package that will suit all retailers small and large. 

Glee 2015   Glee 2015


Over 80 New Products to be launched by Garland/Worth Gardening at Glee 2015 (September 2015)

Following its policy of continuous product innovation, Garland / Worth Gardening is launching over 80 new products at Glee 2015. The new 2016 season’s items will generate considerable sales momentum for its many UK and overseas customers. Commenting on the launch, operations director Tony Dedman said; "We find that Glee is an excellent launch pad for new products. Last year we introduced 50 new products at the show and this made a major contribution towards the 49 per cent growth in turnover we recorded in 2014, and that growth is continuing." New products to be launched at the Birmingham show include a new compact tidy tray and a new colander trug. The company’s propagation range will be boosted with the introduction of a one-top electric propagator and a micro grow light garden. New planting aids comprise two new bulb planters that have an innovative soil ejection plunger. A green flexi tie is to join the existing brown ties. There will be a new garden basics range of sundries with 45 new lines such as plant labels, pens, tree ties, greenhouse fittings and coils of garden wire. Products for the patio comprise a new range of brooms that include a decking broom, a wire block paving broom plus a large patio pan and brush and patio knives. Added to the company’s extensive thermometer range will be a new max/min thermometer, pH meter and moisture meter along with three soil test kits. Finally, a new cover will be added to the bronze entry level of garden furniture covers and to the silver middle range. In order to add visual in-store impact to Garland/Worth Gardening ranges, six new counter displays are being introduced for items such as the bulk rose ties and tree ties. There will also be nineteen new promotion bins, two pallet deals and one new display stand, all designed to support sales of the new products. Garland/Worth Gardening’s customers are now benefitting from a new distribution warehouse, opened in February 2015. Since its commissioning, the company has achieved record throughput, and the increased capacity of over 70 per cent more pallet spaces has meant greater stock holding and despatch of most orders on the same day of receipt or no later than the next day.

Long Handled Bulb Planter
Compact Tidy Tray
  Colander TrugPatio Pan & Brush


Garland/Worth Gardening growing well in Germany (September 2015)

This September saw us growing well in Germany, we had a very busy show over the three days at the Spoga/Gafa trade fair, with our new product launches attracting much of the attention. The New Micro Grow Light Garden, Compact Tidy Tray and Patio Pan & Brush all drew in new and existing customers to the stand. The popularity of British Products is growing and we at Garland are well placed to capitalise on this with some great products all produced in our own factory.

  Garland at Gafa 2015


Impressive sales increase sees Tony Robson scooping Garland/Worth Gardening 'Sales Agent of the Year' award (August 2015)

An impressive 97 per cent sales increase and the acquiring of several new accounts have resulted in Tony Robson being voted the Garland/Worth Gardening ‘Sales Agent of the Year’. The award was presented to Tony at the company’s Annual Sales Conference held in the Midlands on 20th and 21st of August 2015. Tony Robson is responsible for sales in the north west of England. Second place was awarded to Joe Lydon who covers Scotland, and third place to Andy Burton who is responsible for the south west of England. During the conference it was announced that Garland/Worth Gardening’s sales are expected to increase by around 20 per cent for the 2015 financial year and that export sales are on schedule to achieve a 13 per cent growth.


  Tony Robson


Garland Cane Caps win Garden News Best Buys (May 2015)

Garland has once again won the Garden News Best Buy award for the best Cane Caps. Our Green Cane Caps won the Best Buy, whilst our Flower Cane Caps won the Most Versatile. These soft plastic cane caps provided the best protection against accidentally being poked in the eye by a cane. The tapered grips inside the caps provide excellent hold on the cane, so it’s difficult, if not impossible, for them to come off, unless you actually pull them off. They grip canes from 5-13mm in diameter. Click here to find out more.

Cane Caps   Flower Cane Caps


Moving Moments (February 2015)

The end of February and the move to our new warehouse is all complete, with many midnight hours spent to get it all complete, we can now start to look forward to the season ahead and begin the preparation for the 2016 season. Thanks to all of our team that helped to ensure the move was as smooth as possible and with as little disruption in our usual service as possible.

New Warehouse   New Warehouse


Garland Propagation Products win Garden News Best Buys (February 2015)

Garland are delighted to have their propagation products awarded the Garden News Best Buy, the products awarded include the Standard Seed Tray, awarded Best Rigid Seed Tray, our Professional Seed Tray was awarded the Best Flexible Seed Tray and our Cell Inserts also picked up the top spot.         Click here to check out the full propagation range

G17B Standard Seed Tray Black W0002 Professional Seed Trays W0014 Professional 24 Cell Inserts


Office Related Issues (January 2015)

As stock now begins to move in to the new warehouse, the office is taking shape, but progress is slower than we would hope. Electricians are on site as all the lights and cables are being installed down the vast length of the building.

Warehouse Stock   Office


Racking up the Hours (January 2015)

The new warehouse continues straight after the Christmas break as the next phase begins, all the new racking is delivered and being installed.

Warehouse Racking Warehouse Racking Warehouse Racking


Garland Tidy Trays win Garden News Best Buy (January 2015)

Garland has won the Garden News Best Buy award for the best Potting Tray. A great choice if you do a lot of seed sowing, pricking out and potting up. It has a roomy 56cm (22in) wide by 51cm (20in) deep work area and a 6cm (2.25in) high lip at the front to prevent compost spills. There is a shelf that fits snugly on the top and has one deep and two shallower pockets to keep all your propagating bits and bobs out of the way. The tray is available in Green and Black and the shelves (available seperately) are available in Red, Green and Black.

Click here to find out more.

Green Tidy Tray   Black Tidy Tray


New Warehouse is Floored (December 2014)

The concrete is poured, the floor is being laid in one continuous run over 48 hours, on Tuesday morning the concrete lorries began and just kept coming until Thursday morning. The entire floor is laser leveled from one end to another using a remote driven robot, before being power floated to a smooth finish.

Warehouse Floor Warehouse Floor Warehouse Floor


What a Difference (December 2014)

10 days since our last visit but what a difference, the expanse of steel uprights have been cladded and roof sections put in place and suddenly the building begins to take shape, with just over one week to go until the floor gets laid there is still a lot to do.


  New Warehouse


New Warehouse Well Underway (November 2014)

With weeks of demolishing and ground work showing little upward progress, the brand new steel structure starts to show the signs of real forward movement. The stucture is going up at a pace but it has to be complete and water tight in less than 3 weeks, ready for the floor to be laid.

Warehouse Frame   Warehouse Frame


New Warehouse Site Almost Ready For Construction (October 2014)

A recent site visit sees progress is still running to time. The concrete is all in the ground, set and ready to receive the steel frame in one weeks time, work continues around the site to put in the extra drainage, clear the last of the old floor and the end of the building, which will remain in place, is being prepared ready for the new roof and cladding when the new building goes up.


  New Warehouse Progress On Schedule


Garland Products proves to be a winner in the garden market and on the race track (September 2014)

Business has been at full speed for Garland Products since adding the Worth Gardening brand to is product portfolio in 2012, and the same can be said for its success on the race track.

A Spire GT3, sponsored by Garland Products has just won the Disklok RGB championship 2014, resulting in its driver Matt Higginson retaining the title he won last season. The RGB Championship is open to two-seater cars built to road going specification, and the heats are held at various motor race curcuits in England and Wales each year.

Commenting on the Championship success, operations director for Garland Products, Tony Dedman said: "it is great news to learn of Matt's success again this year and it is the 'icing on the cake' for Garland Products".


  Garland Sponsored Spire GT3 Race Car

Garland New Product voted as one to watch... (September 2014)

Garland are delighted to have their new Jumbo Kneeling Mat voted as 'one to watch' at the resent Glee trade show held at the NEC in Birmingham, when a panel of expert judges from across the gardening industry were impressed by the new addition to the 600 strong product range. The product was developed as a direct result of customer demand for an even larger kneeling mat following the launch of their New XL version earlier in the year. The Jumbo Kneeling Mat allows users to work five feet without having to adjust the mats position. This is just one of the many knee protecting products launched this year.        Click here to check out the full knee protection range

Jumbo Kneeling Mat Jumbo Kneeling Mat Jumbo Kneeling Mat


New improved stand layout for Garland at Glee (September 2014)

Following the changes to the hall locations for the Glee show this year at the NEC, Birmingham, we at Garland took the oportunity to continue the theme by having a complete change in our layout too. The new show layout was hailed as a massive success and was one of the busiest shows ever, with a great feel and a real buzz. Our new layout also went down well, as customers got a real feel of how our products could look in their garden centres. After the three days were over, we came away with lots of orders and loads of new customer enquiries to follow up on.

Glee Stand 2014
Garland at Glee
  Garland at GleeGarland at Glee


Great year for Garland's Exports (September 2014)

In September 2013, we added over 90 new products and immediately saw a big increase in our business, with great success in Switzerland, Japan, Italy and Spain. These gains have helped us increase exports by over 50% in the first 7 months of the year. We have 50 new products coming for 2015, which will also see us acheive over 70% of our range being UK produced. Couple this with our new distribution centre that is currently under contruction, it really is a great success for British manufacturing and British jobs.


  Garland at Gafa 2014


Agent of the Year Joe Lydon (August 2014)

Garland Products/Worth Gardening announces Joe Lydon, the company's agent in Scotland as the Garland 'agent of the year' for achieving an increase in turnover in excess of 35 per cent and for opening the largest number of new accounts during the year. The 'agent of the year' runner-up was Julie Mclean, who covers several counties in middle England, and third was Fletcher Agencies, that represents Garland in counties across the Midlands.


  Joe Lydon


Garland Celebrates its 50th Anniversary Year (August 2014)

Garland Products/Worth Gardening has achieved a significant 47.5 per cent increase in turnover for the first seven months of the year and forecast sales growth of 55 per cent for the full year. The positive news going in to Garland's 50th anniversay year, was announced at the Garland/Worth Gardening sales conference held at the Holiday Inn, Bromsgrove.

Commenting on the buoyant situation of the company, operations director Tony Dedman said: The company is experiencing a high level of orders being placed for the autumn and Christmas period and this, coupled with the major product launch in September at the Glee and Spoga+Gafa garden trade shows, augers well for the future of Garland/Worth Gardening. We have already announced that 50 new products will be added to our garden, leisure and hardware product portfolio at these major shows, and these will be supported by the introduction of new clip strip promotions, promotion bins and pallet deals.

The Garland Products Group is still family owned. Speciallising in the manufacture of plastic injection moulded products, it is now one of the fastest growing suppliers to the garden industry and has commissioned the building of a new distribution warehouse to cope with future growth.


  50 Year Celebrations


New Warehouse Progress On Schedule (July 2014)

The new warehouse site is progressing nicely on schedule as the old structure has now been completely demolished and the old concrete floor is now nearly removed. The next phase is for the holes to be dug for the concrete pads to be laid ready for the steel structure which is due to be delivered on to site around the middle of October.


  New Warehouse Site Nearly Clear


Garland unveil new Trade Showroom (July 2014)

Garland is continuing its expansion plans as they unveil their new Trade Show Room at their Kingswinford manufacturing and distribution facility. Garland have invested heavily over the last few years, especially in product development, and infrastructure. 2012 saw the launch of their new brand 'Worth Gardening by Garland', and a big launch of over 300 new products. This launch saw the company expand its distribution chain with a new additional warehouse in the south east of England to help bolster the already 80,000 sq ft production and warehousing facility at their head office in the West Midlands. Commenting on the showroom unveiling, operations director Tony Dedman said: "This new showroom will allow our trade customers to come and see our full product range at any time of the year. There has already been significant interest from customers, as to when the showroom will be ready, and there are already dates in the diary with several Export customers as well as UK customers to come and have a tour of our showroom, as well as our production facility. This showroom sees us acheive the next step in our expantion plans, but it is still only the beginning, and with the announcement  only a couple of months ago of our brand new warehouse for the South East, we have plenty more still to do before the end of the year". 

If you would like to arrange a visit, then please speak to your local sales agent or Contact Us directly.

New Kingswinford Showroom
New Kingswinford Showroom
  New Kingswinford ShowroomNew Kingswinford Showroom


Garland Wins 'Which? Best Buy' (June 2014)

We at Garland were pleased to be awarded the high honour of a Which? Best Buy for our Trio Top Electric Windowsill Propagator. We have several sizes and models available. This compact electric propagator is supplied with 3 high dome propagators - each 23cm (9") Long 17cm (6.5") Wide.

The propagator units are ideal for growing seeds in volume and particularly suited to larger cuttings. The heated base contains a 13 Watt carbon fibre element for even heat distribution. This unit is not thermostatically controlled and is designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8° Centigrade.

Click here to find our more.

  Trio Top Electric Propagator


Garland Expands Distribution Centre (May 2014)

Garland Products/Worth Gardening has announced a new deal to expand its distribution centre in the south east due to the massive increase in business over the past two years, Garland signed a new agreement to significantly increase the size of its south east distribution centre, work has already begun on the new site, the old building currently on site is being dismantled ready for the new purpose built building that is due to be completed early in the new year. Commenting on the announcement, operations director, Tony Dedman said: "This is a much needed expansion for us, our current premises are now bursting at the seams, this new site will give us a 70% increase in pallet spaces so that we can continue to cope with the increased business and customer base with the same high level of service that we currently offer."


  New Warehouse Site


Garland at Glee (September 2013)

Following on from the Gafa trade show in Germany, we quickly moved to the NEC in Birmingham where we showcased our entire product range to the trade. We had all of our 92 new products on display as well as our existing 450 product lines. The three day show proved itself once again to be a great platform for us, with existing customers as well as new customers having a chance to see the products and talk to us about next season.  At the end of the three days we had yet another wonderfully positive indication that the customers were pleased with our new additions, and with many new customers promising to come and join us, as well as our existing customers looking to do more with us, we left the show, confident that next year will be yet another busy season.

Garland at Glee
Garland at Glee
  Garland at GleeGarland at Glee


Garland in Germany (September 2013)

We have just returned from the GAFA trade show in Cologne where we were able to show our new 2014 products for the first time. It was great to see so many of our export customers and it seems as though we will be adding a good number of new export accounts to our books. A highlight of the show saw us 'seal the deal' to supply a comprehensive range of covers to a major European retailer while we received an overwhelmingly positive response to the new products - always a relief given the work that has gone into their development! Our most exotic enquiry came in from Tahiti which has provoked a tremendous internal struggle as we try to decide who gets to make the customer visit!

  GAFA trade show 2013


Agent of the Year Paul Whitnall (September 2013)

Garland announces 'sales agent of the year' at their sales conference, held in Solihull, West Midland. Paul Whitnall, who covers the south east of England took the honour, and in a close second place was Andy Burton (south west region) and in third place Richard Foster (north east region). The Garland/Worth Gardening nationwide network has also been strengthened further by additional sales agents in the south east and north east this year.

  Agent of the Year Paul Whitnall


Garland keeps growing... (August 2013)

Garland are delighted to announce a further major expansion for 2014. Following the successful introduction of the Worth Gardening brand in late 2012, we have added a further 92 products to the range covering categories such as plastic shelving, wire supports, twine & ties, storage and additional garden sundries. The vast majority of these products are made in our own UK factory.

90cm 5 shelf Cell Self Watering Seed Success Kit Growbag Frame DriBOX Medium Black Twine tin with cutter


Garland 2 in 1 Sieve win Garden New Best Buy (February 2013)

Garland are delighted to have their 2 in 1 Sieve voted as the Garden New Best Buy. The product is a highly practical, deep plastic sieve, supplied complete with two interchangeable screens - 6mm and 12mm hole size. Each screen features tough, galvanised woven wire. Click here for more details

  2 in 1 Sieve