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  • Our New Value Grow Bag TrayNew Products

    Our new Value Grow Bag Tray is the latest addition to our extensive and market leading range of durable injection moulded garden trays which we offer in sizes of up to 1.2 metres square. The trays have countless potential applications for garden, home and industry. Click on the image for more details.

  • Our new Thermometer Range

    New Products

    Introducing our new range of thermometers for the home and garden – range includes propagator, soil, window, wall, max/min and digital thermometers.        Click on the image to see the full range.

  • >Our new Log Storage Range

    New Products

    These new log stores are easy to assemble, no tools required.  The range includes a Fire Side Log Store which can be used to carry your logs to the fire side. Also in the range is our 1m & 2m Log Stores with or without covers. Click on the image for the full range.

  • Our New Lawn Care Range

    New Products

    Our new range of easy to use heavy duty lawn aerators, lawn spike shoes and a lawn weeder.           HELPING TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL LAWNS.            Click on the image for more details.

  • Knee Protection

    Knee Protection

    We have a wide range of products to protect your knees around the home & garden. We offer kneeling mats in various sizes and colours, along with our new range of knee pads and kneeling frames which are also available in striking colours. Click on the image to explore the full range.

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First and foremost, Garland are manufacturers of innovative, plastic garden products - all designed and manufactured in the UK at our Kingswinford factory using recycled polymer wherever possible. Our range has now been augmented with carefully selected non plastic garden products under the Worth Gardening brand. We now offer over 500 items making our range one of the fastest growing in the market today. While we may be manufacturers first, we pride ourselves that our products are designed through our own experience as keen gardeners. Our products are durable and above all practical.

The aim of our site is to provide product and buying information for trade buyers and consumers alike. We detail full technical and dimensional information for each product in our range. Prospective purchasers should please visit the
How To Buy page. If you have a query that cannot be answered by searching the site, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Wellie Wiper
  • pop up bag large
  • garden track with barrow
  • wellington boot bag open
  • dribox medium black-lid off
  • super 7 propagator electric window propagator with plant
  • 30ltr winter salt bin
  • light garden hand
  • anti frost windscreen cover
  • red snow shovel
  • 24 cell self watering seed success kit
  • 3 halos on grow bag watering
  • large high dome propagator planted
  • bean pea bag with free bean pea ring
  • adjustable weed feed bar
  • grow bag tray black
  • cane balls pack
  • rattan furniture pos bag
  • big drippa illo
  • growbag frame