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We manufacture here in the UK using 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic.

Propagation Range

Quick guide to buying Propagation

We have three ranges within our propagation offer. We have two qualities of plastic product - a Vacuum Formed range as well as an Injection Moulded range. In addition, we offer a Fibre Pot propagation range. Below is a brief description of each range with the individual benefits they offer.

 Vacuum Formed

Vacuum Formed

This is mainly denoted by our Professional range of propagation. These products are formed from thin sheets of recycled plastic and are similar to the products used by professional growers. The products are lightweight and great for growing most plants straight from seed. The range includes seed trays, lids, cell inserts, propagators and carry trays with individual pots. These products are generally low cost, but they will only last for a maximum of a couple of growing seasons.


 Injection Moulded

Injection Moulded

This is our Premium range of propagation, all made from high quality recycled plastics. These items are super strong and durable, with thicker wall sections offering extra rigidity. The seed trays all feature a multiple 2 tier drainage cell system and all have generous planting depths to aid healthy plant development. The range includes various sizes of seed trays, lids and self-watering kits as well as heated and unheated propagators. The trays are easy to clean and can even be put in a dishwasher. Although injection moulded trays are generally more expensive than vacuum formed equivalents, they will easily last for 10 years or more.



Fibre Pots

We offer a range of Fibre Pots in various shapes and sizes, all made from PEFC-certified cellulose and all fully bio-degradable. Once planted, the roots can easily grow through the sides of the pots. The plant and pot can be simply planted straight in to the ground with no transplantation shock or root disturbance. The pots break down naturally in the soil. Within this range, we also offer coir growing pellets, all completely peat free and made with 100% coir substrate with a special nutrient mixture. By their very nature products within this range are designed to be used once only.