Unprecedented growth is still continuing at Garland Products/Worth Gardening. The current situation of stronger than usual sales, coupled with major supply shortages is adding to the already difficult situation across the industry. Cardboard supplies have been incredibly tough to maintain as well as other simple raw materials, all coupled with longer shipping times around the globe and staff shortages due to self-isolations. With all of these factors at play, this season is already proving to be the biggest challenge the company has ever faced in its 55 year history. So many companies face challenges over the years, but never have so many been faced all at once. With all of the stock demands from our customers as well as the difficulties in the supply chains, we have taken the difficult decision to suspend all new customers for the foreseeable future. Commenting on the situation, sales director Mark Dedman said: “The relentless demand from the consumers is adding just unmanageable pressure on our entire operation. The Covid lockdowns have created over 3 million new gardeners and if they all want just one single seed tray each, then there is no way the industry will cope. We lost 25% of our work force in January, as they were in some form of self-isolation period as Covid continued to wreak havoc around the country, so service delays have been inevitable. Therefore we have taken the very difficult decision to stop any new customers as we have to focus our energy and stock availability to our long term customer base. Our stocks are good at the moment, but long lead times are meaning that customers are trying to grab more stock each order, this will result in stock shortages further down the road if the supplies cannot keep up with the demand. We will continue to monitor the situation and we hope to return to normal service levels as soon as possible. Many suppliers are facing the same issues and as supplies run out, the demand increases as customers look for stock from any supplier that has some left. Our team are working tirelessly to minimise delays and to ensure stock is available over the coming months. We thank you all for your patience and understanding during this time"