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Value 1 Metre Square Tray Black

Product Code: G209B
Value 1 Metre Square Tray Black

Product Information

This tray is one of the largest in our range with a depth of 5 cm and a large internal capacity. The Value 1 Metre Square Tray features a series of shallow horizontal ridges on the internal base of the tray which aid drainage from plant pots.

Equally useful as a commercial drip / spillage tray for oils and chemical storage. There are many potential other applications such as a sand pit for kids, a plant irrigation display tray for garden centres and a mixing tray for cement to name but a few. Trays of this size and strength are very hard to find.

Made from recycled polypropylene.

Size Check: 100cm (39.5”) Long 100cm (39.5”) Wide 5cm (2”) High External

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