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Slug & Snail Traps (Pack of 2)

Product Code: W1840
Slug & Snail Traps (Pack of 2)

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  • Slug & Snail Traps (Pack of 2)
  • Slug & Snail Traps (Pack of 2)

Product Information

Pack contains 2 traps,
Protect your plants and vegetable foliage from the most common of garden pests that you hardly ever see,
Place your traps around any area you see eaten foliage or near plants you want to protect,
Re-use the traps time after time,

Bury the black pot into the ground,
Place the dome wheel on the rim of the green pot,
Place the green pot inside the black pot,
Fill the trap with bait to approximately 5cm (2") (We recommend either beer or sugar water),
Finally fit the top dome onto the spike to keep the rain out,
Reset the trap by simply removing the green pot and emptying, top up the bait liquid if required and replace the top dome,