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Indoor Pest Repeller 4000

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Indoor Pest Repeller 4000

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  • Indoor Pest Repeller 4000
  • Indoor Pest Repeller 4000

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Repelling pests with Indoor Pest Repeller 4000 couldn't be easier. Just follow the setting instructions below and plug it into an unobstructed socket anywhere in the house.
Set Electromagnetic for normal or boost. Set Ultrasound for the relevant pests. Use PET-SAFE setting if the product is in the same room as a pet rodent.
Electromagnetic setting, Normal - repeating cycle where the red light is ON for about 10 mins, then OFF for the next 10 mins. Boost - Red LED flashes. NOTE: Electromagnetic signal works through every electrical cable in the house.
Ultrasound setting, Rodent - 26KHz. Blue LED flashes. Insect - 40KHz. Blue LED steady. Spider - 50KHz. Blue LED flashes quickly. Pet-Safe - Use if you have a rodent pet (hamster, gerbil, rabbit etc. in the same room). NOTE: Ultrasound signal is most effective in the room where the unit is plugged in.
Indoor Pest Repeller 4000 has no effect on Children, Pregnant Women, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Flying Insects, Reptiles or Fish.

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