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Indoor Pest Repeller 2500

Product Code: W5005
Indoor Pest Repeller 2500

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  • Indoor Pest Repeller 2500
  • Indoor Pest Repeller 2500

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Repelling pests with Indoor Pest Repeller 2500 couldn't be easier. Just follow the setting instructions below and plug it into an unobstructed socket anywhere in the house.
Electromagnetic setting, this is a low frequency sound, inaudible to humans and family pets. It is carried through all of the electrical wires in your house, where it will repel mice, rats and crawling insects from their hiding places inside walls, ceilings, attics etc.
Ultrasound setting, this is a very high frequency sound, which can't be heard by humans, cats, dogs, fish or birds, but which can be heard by insects and rodents, including rodent pets such as hamsters, gerbils and rabbits, but ONLY if they are in the same room.
Indoor Pest Repeller 2500 has no effect on Children, Pregnant Women, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Flying Insects, Reptiles or Fish.

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