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Extension Kit For Grow Bed

Product Code: G109
Extension Kit For Grow Bed

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  • Extension Kit For Grow Bed

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This kit will double the size of an existing Grow Bed, taking the total surface area to two square metres. The kit comprises two 97.5 cm panels, a steel 'U' brace, two link cover mouldings and 8 nuts and bolts. Assembly does require the use of an electric drill but should take less than 20 minutes.

It is possible to lengthen a one metre wide Grow Bed indefinitely using additional extension kits, with each extension kit adding one square metre. Please note that it is not possible to widen a Grow Bed beyond the standard width of one metre.

Size Check: 97.5cm (38.5") Long 25cm (10") High 2 x Side Panels For Extending G94 Grow Bed

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